Please only send  a COPY of your medical records and any other documents. Dr. Mitchell does not keep any records or documents on file. They will be shredded after Dr. Mitchell finishs your case!

Steps to take for your IMO

  1. Complete your intake form.
  2. Dr. Mitchell or someone from his staff will contact you to discuss your IMO. Only after you complete your intake form. Keep in mind your price will be based on the number of primary/secondary medical problem and complexity of your case.
  3. Veteran pays his/her fee online.
  4. Veterans send a copy of their military medical record, civilian, medical record, and VA medical records along with all radiology and lab reports. Please send copies only. Dr. Mitchell does not maintain any records on file. All records will be shredded after Dr. Mitchell completes your IMO.

Please take your medical documents through the postal service. Dr. Mitchell will use a P.O. Box, and he will not send confirmation of receipt because of his case load and work schedule.

  1. Dr. Mitchell completes your IMO and mails it directly to you. This process should take 4 to 6 weeks from the receipt of payment and all medical records provided by you.

***NOTE*** All documents must be sent in one transaction unless authorized by Dr. Mitchell.


Dr. Mitchell’s daily routine consists of running Northside family practice and assisting veterans with their case IMO’s. Please be patient and allow him or his staff time to contact you.